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  1. New and improved top quality belly pans!


    Welcome to our very first blog. To kick start us off, we couldn't wait to show you our new and improved centre belly pans (underfloor plates) for both Split bus and Baywindow.

    These used to have the ribs rolled into the panel, causing stress to the metal and therefore making the panel warp / twist. They always looked good once on, but we've never been happy with them. 

    That all changes today though. This is something we've been planning for many years, but time constraints held the job up. These are now laser cut, and machine pressed for accuracy. Look at the depth of those ribs! The Splitscreen version is identical to the original NOS panel, it even has the very slight ripples in the 4 corners like the OG panel. The Baywindow one is done, but the next batch will be even better!